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05.12.2016 / Genève

Formation de haut niveau Diplomatie et Santé

5 au 9 décembre 2016 à Genève.

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, IHEID

IHEID La santé fait aujourd’hui partie intégrante de la politique étrangère. De nouvelles compétences deviennent nécessaires pour négocier des accords ...

08.12.2016 / Basel

Building on Success – Malaria Control and Elimination

8-9 December 2016

Schweizerisches Tropen- und Public-Health Institut (Swiss TPH)

Swiss TPH The Swiss TPH Winter Symposium 2016 invites medical and health sector specialists to review and discuss the history, successes and future of Malaria Control ...

12.12.2016 / Swiss TPH in Basel, Switzerland

Health in detention

Swiss TPH Health in detention is a one-week course offered by Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), an associated institute of the University of Basel, ...

15.12.2016 / DEZA, Freiburgstr. 130, Ausserholligen

Struggling for access to quality health services for all – is Universal Health Coverage the solution?

Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit Worldwide, 400 million people lack access to essential health services, and every year more than 200 million persons are pushed into poverty because of ...

23.01.2017 / Swiss TPH in Basel, Switzerland

Travellers' Health

Swiss TPH This 1-week course provides up-to-date information on tropical diseases and their medical treatment. It is mainly designed for participants from industrialised ...

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