Understanding Emerging Viral Disease and their Public Health Impact

1st Symposium

Understanding Emerging Viral Disease and their Public Health ImpactGeneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases supported by the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine and the Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland The recent viral outbreaks of Ebola in West Africa and Zika in South America have highlighted the ability of new viruses to cause health crisis of international concern. (...) Despite our extensive knowledge of the viral biology and environmental factors that can bolster outbreaks, global health authorities and scientists have so far remained unable to accurately predict the most recent epidemics. Among others, HIV is certainly one of the best example of an emerging virus: from non-human primates, it has adapted and spread to cause one of the most impressive and devastating human pandemics in recent human history. This two-day symposium will provide participants with a unique opportunity to foster exchanges and collaborations around high-level interventions given by world-class specialists on emerging viral diseases.


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