Global Health and Switzerland

Global Health and Switzerland

The right to health means every human being having the right to be born and grow up, to work and grow old without their health being jeopardized by human-influenced actions or by circumstances that humans can influence. This right has to be implemented and protected by individual nation states, but also by the international community. The Medicus Mundi Switzerland network is therefore dedicated to an active, solidarity-based health policy for Switzerland. (Photo: High Level Meeting, New York, June 2016/ Carine Weiss, Medicus Mundi Switzerland)

May 24, 2018

Public Eye calls on Swiss Federal Council to use compulsory licensing against exorbitant drug prices

Press release

Public Eye "Problems with access to lifesaving drugs no longer only affect developing and emerging countries. Even the Swiss healthcare system is struggling to cope with ...

May 17, 2018

Gaza: Handicap International weitet seine Aktivitäten für Tausende von Verletzten aus


Palestine | Handicap International

Handicap International Das Gesundheitssystem in Gaza ist durch die Zahl der Verletzten überlastet und aufgrund der Blockade zudem in seinem Handlungsrahmen eingeschränkt. Hunderte ...

Jun 19, 2018 / Lausanne

Alma Ata et la santé communautaire : 40 ans de défis !

SAVE THE DATE! Mardi 19 juin 2018, 13h00-17h00

Medicus Mundi Suisse Il y a quarante ans, les Etats membres de l’OMS adoptaient la déclaration d’Alma Ata. Au cœur de cet engagement : rendre accessibles des soins de santé ...

May 07, 2018

Air pollution inequality widens between rich and poor nations

The Guardian "Rich cities have improved, but pollution in poorer countries is still rising and kills 7 million people a year globally, WHO data reveals.

May 21, 2018 / Geneva, Switzerland

71st World Health Assembly and related events

MMI Network participation and contributions at the 71st WHA

Medicus Mundi International (MMI) Geneva, 21-26 May 2018. This year's World Health Assembly (WHA) will again a week full of intensive debates on key global health issues, both within the formal ...

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