HIV/Aids and the International Cooperation

HIV/Aids and the International Cooperation

The Medicus Mundi Switzerland network shares the vision of a world without AIDS. Everyone in the world has the right to comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment and care, and this right must be implemented. To demonstrate its commitment to this vision and encourage dialogue in international HIV/AIDS work, MMS set up the platform, which it currently operates as an autonomous project.

    Dec 02, 2016

    Newlands Clinic patient addresses Medicus Mundi conference

    Ruedi Lüthy Foundation "When Maximina Jokonya found out she was HIV-positive at the age of thirteen, it was as if her world had fallen apart. Today, the Newlands Clinic patient helps ...

    Aug 01, 2016

    Hope for 'end of Aids' is disappearing, experts warn

    The Guard Those fighting epidemic say 2030 target is unrealistic as efforts to defeat it falter amid rising infection levels and drug resistance. Efforts to combat Aids ...

    Jul 19, 2016

    Das brutale Erbe der Aidsleugner

    Tagesanzeiger "Die Welt-Aids-Konferenz in Südafrika lässt Erinnerungen wach werden: Vor 16 Jahren setzte die Regierung auf Knoblauch und Randen statt auf Medikamente gegen ...

    Jul 01, 2016

    Swiss Aids Care International renamed Ruedi Lüthy Foundation as of 1 July 2016

    New visual identity - new core message: Act against Aids

    Switzerland | Ruedi Lüthy Foundation

    Ruedi Lüthy Foundation On 1 July 2016, Swiss Aids Care International will be renamed as the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation. While recognising the work of its founder, Prof. Ruedi Lüthy, this ...

    Jun 07, 2016

    Kein Ende der Aidsepidemie ohne Kampf gegen Ausgrenzung


    MMS/ / Aids-Hilfe Schweiz, New York 7. Juni 2016 - Ab morgen diskutieren Regierungsvertreter von 193 UN-Mitgliedstaaten und über 560 Vertreter der Zivilgesellschaft die politische ...

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