Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Improving sexual and reproductive health and rights is key to improving the health situation of people in developing and emerging countries in the long term. Expanding sexual and reproductive health services and access to these services improves the health situation of women and expectant mothers, newborn babies and children. Bolstering sexual and reproductive health lays the foundation for social and economic development by societies.

Nov 22, 2016

UN calls for urgent action to protect young women from HIV/Aids in Africa

The Guardian Urgent action is needed to help and protect girls and young women from Aids in sub-Saharan Africa, thousands of whom are still being infected with HIV every ...

Nov 16, 2016

WHO recommendations on antenatal care for a positive pregnancy experience

World Health Organisation (WHO) "Endorsed, by the UN Secretary-General, this is a comprehensive WHO guideline on routine ANC for pregnant women and adolescent girls. It aims to complement ...

Nov 25, 2016 / Englisches Seminar der Universität Basel, Grosser Hörsaal, Nadelberg 6, 4051 Basel

Adolescents' Participation in Health: Critical Reflections at the Intersection of Anthropology and Public Health

MAS Colloquium

MAS Medical Anthropology Switzerland The participation of youth in community action and governance has gained growing support by practitioners and policy makers over the past decades. (...) ...

Nov 22, 2016 / Ateliers Bollwerkstadt in Bern

How to Best Apply a Human Rights-based Approach to Sexual and Reproductive Health

2 – Days Workshop - Day 1: 22nd of November; Day 2: 25 January 2017

MMS In recent years we have seen a renewed global commitment to a human rights-based approach to development and, particularly to the universal realization of ...

Nov 09, 2016

Women's health: a new global agenda

Britisch Medical Journals "Global efforts to improve the health of women largely focus on improving sexual and reproductive health. However, the global burden of disease has changed ...

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