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22/02/2016 / Graduate Institute, Villa Barton, Rue de Lausanne 132, Geneva.

Drug Policy and Public Health

New Executive Course on Global Health Diplomacy

Intensive three-day course with renowned faculty and leading practitioners, designed to increase the understanding of participants on the main intersections ...

29/02/2016 / Universität Luzern, Hörsaal, Luzern

Wo Gold den Glanz verliert ... auf der Spur von Burkina Faso in die Schweiz

Ökumenische Kampagne in Luzern


COMUNDO Im Fokus der Kampagne wie auch der Veranstaltung «Wo Gold den Glanz verliert ... – ...auf der Spur von Burkina Faso in die Schweiz» stehen der Goldabbau in den ...

07/03/2016 / Graduate Institute, Villa Barton, Rue de Lausanne 132, Geneva.

Executive Course on Intellectual Property, Diplomacy and Global Public Health

Deadline: 7 February 2016

The Graduate Institute Geneva Intellectual property issues have come to play an increasingly important role in discussions of national and global health problems. Yet individuals whose ...

08/03/2016 / Parterre Basel, Klybeckstrasse 1b, Basel


Texte zum Tag der Frau

Suisse | IAMANEH Suisse

IAMANEH Schweiz Eine performancestarke Auseinandersetzung mit Stereotypen und Geschlechterrollen im Rahmen des Internationalen Frauentags. Hierfür lädt die ...

01/04/2016 / Basel, Switzerland

Master of Business Administration in International Health Management

Swiss TPH Global health initiatives influence health systems worldwide, especially in low- and middle-income countries. New knowledge and skills are required to work in ...

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