Les maladies chroniques: une épidémie globale

Les maladies chroniques: une épidémie globale

Le premier «Global Status Report» de l'OMS qualifie de «catastrophe rampante» les maladies chroniques telles que les affections cardio-vasculaires, le cancer ou le diabète. Actuellement ces maladies non contagieuses frappent massivement les pays émergents et en voie de développement: 80% des décès dus aux maladies cardio-vasculaires, au cancer ou au diabète se produisent dans les couches de population pauvres et défavorisées des pays émergents ou en voie de développement. (Photo: World Granny/flickr)


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Drugmakers in Davos shift focus to chronic diseases of poor

50 million USD for the treatment of non-communicable diseases in developing and emerging countries

Reuters 22 global pharmaceutical companies have decided to invest 50 million USD for the next three years to reduce the number of deaths caused by non-communicable ...


What's in a name? A call to reframe non-communicable diseases

The Lancet The Lancet Chronic diseases are still severely under-represented in the national health plans of low-income countries as well as among international donors ...


Non-infectious diseases such as cancer rising sharply in Africa

The Guardian "More people in Africa will die from diseases such as cancer, heart problems or diabetes than infectious diseases by 2030, according to the World Health ...

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