Executive Course on Health Diplomacy and Migration

From 30 Sep. to 2 Oct. 2019; Apply by 19 Aug. 2019

Executive Course on Health Diplomacy and Migration Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Many different forms of migration exist and human mobility shapes global health, impacting on domestic and foreign poli¬cies of sending, transition and receiving countries. National health systems are often put under pressure to respond to large-scale movements and diplomacy comes into play to find cross-border, collective solutions. Health can serve as an entry point for these diplomatic actions and new governance mechanisms need to be negotiated to respond appropriately to migration crises. Fees: CHF 1'800. Contact us: Hidemi Ueno, Project Officer. Tel: +41 22 908 43 35 Email: globalhealthdiplomacy@graduateinstitute.ch


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