Health Care and Management: From Research to Implementation

25 March 2020 - 26 June 2020

Health Care and Management: From Research to Implementation Swiss TPH The 14-week Health Care and Management (HCM) diploma course provides international participants with the core competencies to understand and react to health challenges (e.g. health care, child health, etc. ) at a world-leading institute in global and public health. Participants acquire a range of skills and knowledge needed to work as a member of a health management team, particularly in low- and middle-income societies. With a focus on practical application and interactive training, multinational participants benefit from engaging with experts from various fields and with a diverse student body to advance their position in the health sector. HCM also serves as the core course for the tropEd network, the European Network for Education in International Health, and is mandatory for those who wish to pursue a Master in International Health (MIH).

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