Overcoming Ebola – why we need to be in it for the long haul

Global Health Insurance, Health System Strengthening and Investing in Health Personel

Overcoming Ebola – why we need to be in it for the long haulInternational Health Policies "After the crisis, lessons will be learned, or not. For this Ebola outbreak, we cannot wait until the crisis will be over. The international community has to decide now whether it will provide the caregivers of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone the bare minimum to protect themselves while risking their lives to save others – decent training and quality protective wear for a start – and the perspective of a job in a functioning health system after the crisis. Someday, this Ebola outbreak will be over, and the international health community, together with the governments of the affected countries, will have to face up to the arduous and long overdue task of restoring people’s trust in the health system," writes Gorik Ooms in an article for IHP.


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