Narratives about aid and charity: High time for “Track Changing"

Kampala Initiative: Cooperation and solidarity within and beyond aid Challenging realities of “aid” – continued series of public webinars

Narratives about aid and charity: High time for “Track Changing" Medicus Mundi International (MMI) As part of the Kampala workshop that took place in November 2019, an initial group of civil society members from 6 different countries came together to creatively explore what a new narrative could look like – one that tells the truth about poverty and poor health, and that builds solidarity and social justice. They also developed an action plan on how to start engaging others in this work, formalising themselves into an open group called the “Track Changing Initiative”. In our webinar on 13 February, we will discuss the activities undertaken by this group at the Kampala Initiative workshop, and welcome comments, thoughts and feedback on some of the alternative words, phrases and definitions that were developed. Register now:

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