Oct 27, 2020 / Webinar 27 October 2020; Online Workshop 29–30 October 2020

Course Programme Inclusive Humanitarian Response

Christoffel Blindenmission Schweiz (CBM) & Handicap International The course programme introduces good practices in mainstreaming disability rights for Swiss humanitarian stakeholders. It offers entry points to integrate ...

Nov 04, 2020 / du 4 nov. au 8 déc. 2020; E-learning

Le genre au temps des pandémies

Executive Education

Graduate Institute Geneva Les questions de genre passent souvent au second plan face à l'urgence d'agir en temps de pandémie. Les crises du VIH/Sida, MERS, H1N1, Ebola ou Zika ont ...

Nov 04, 2020 / Online Event

Health in the Digital Age - A New Era for Global Health?

MMS ONLINE Symposium

Medicus Mundi Schweiz Digitalisation affects us all. New technologies, including telemedicine, web-based diagnosis tools, digital data collection and artificial intelligence (AI), ...

Nov 05, 2020 / Online Event

Joint annual meeting of the SSTMP and the SSTTM

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Parasitologie und Tropenmedizin Due to the current Corona Situation, the Joint Annual Meeting of the SSTMP and SSTTM on the 5th November 2020 will be held online. Please visit our website for ...

Nov 08, 2020 / 8-12 November 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Re-imagining health systems for better health and social justice

6th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

hsr2020 Ten years on from the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, health systems around the world are still far from achieving the Sustainable ...

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