Health – a Human Right

The Swiss Health Cooperation Symposium


Health is a human right: too often forgotten, this is the central issue of international health policy and health cooperation. And yet millions of people die each year in developing countries due to easily preventable diseases.

This is a basic violation of the human right to health. In addition, women, minorities and marginalized people often have limited access to healthcare due to poorly functioning healthcare systems. That is why this year's Swiss Health Cooperation Symposium will reflect on and debate, among others, the following questions:

  • How can we strengthen the human right to health?
  • At what stage are we in establishing this basic human right? How must we shape both international and Swiss politics in order for it to gain acceptance?
  • What does “the right to health” mean for the establishment of health cooperation?



Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland

The Swiss Red Cross


Martin Leschhorn Strebel


The Swiss Health Cooperation Symposium

Discussing international cooperation and development policy. The Swiss Health Cooperation Symposium targets a broad spectrum of participants active at the na-tional or international level and is organized by the Swiss Red Cross and Medicus Mundi Switzerland, Network Health for All, which comprises 45 Swiss agencies operating in the field of international health cooperation. The symposium is part of a long-term cooperation agreement with the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation SDC, which helps fund the event and provides support with the programming.

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