“Now I can be somebody. I can think for myself…”

Psychological support in cases of violence, HIV and poverty

aidsfocus.ch Meeting Point

9th of September 2014, 2.15 – 4.30 pm
Swiss Red Cross, Rainmattstrasse 10, Bern




How can girls and women who have experienced violence or live in a violent environment be sup-ported to lead autonomous lives and cope with their traumatic experiences? How can children and young people who have lost their parents to AIDS, who are living with HIV or are caring for sick parents be assisted in getting past these challenges and support them in order for them to explore their own abilities and build self-confidence?

The Sofiatown Community Psychological Services (SCPS), a partner of AIDS&Child, offers low-threshold psychological support in the townships of Johannesburg, which are characterized by vio-lence, poverty and the urban fight for survival. Additionally the SCPS takes on outreach work in slums and combines crisis management with long-term therapeutic support, social work and emer-gency relief. In doing so, the SPCS builds on the concept of ‘psychology of liberation’.

Terre des hommes schweiz takes a solution focused approach in its work with youths in the context of HIV, violence and poverty. It is important to listen, to ask questions and to build on strengths and resources, and to appreciate them. The youths are recognised as experts on their own lives and supported so they can bring on a change in their situation themselves - with support from outside, but under their own responsibility.

aidsfocus.ch, AIDS&Child und terre des hommes schweiz

are inviting you to take part in a dialogue and sharing of ideas, models, experiences and challenges concerning psychosocial support in southern Africa with

Johanna Kistner, Sophiatown Community Psychological Services, South Africa

Gabriela Wichser, terre des hommes schweiz

: German/ English.

Registration: see here

Further information:

Helena Zweifel, aidsfocus.ch
c/o Medicus Mundi Schweiz
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4013 Basel

Phone: +41 (0)61 383 18 10

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