Creating perspectives for life: Mother and child health in developing countries

MMS Symposium

Mother and child in Pene, Indonesia (© Natalie Bailey/IRIN)

Mother and child health is one of the factors that have a primary impact on social development in developing countries. Nevertheless, some 360,000 women still die every year during pregnancy or while giving birth. Furthermore, 7.6 million under-fives die every year too.

In recent years, significant progress has been made in improving the health of mothers and children. Infant and maternal mortality have both fallen at global level.

Despite this progress, there is still a long way to go. A greater effort is needed in the southern Africa and South Asia in particular to ensure healthcare provision for all women and to give newborn babies a healthy start in life.

This year’s symposium organized by the Medicus Mundi Switzerland network will take a closer look. What is being done in international politics to further improve the situation? What strategies are effective? How can women and expectant mothers be given better access to healthcare provision?


Adriane Martin Hilber, Swiss TPH
Agnes Adjou-Moumouni, SDC
Ann Svensén, RFSU
Bounlam Souvannasab, Swiss Red Cross
Elizabeth Moreno, Servicios de Salud Publica de Sucumbíos
Erika Placella, Médecins du Monde
Jean-Marc Thomé, Swiss Red Cross
Judith Eisenring, medico international switzerland
Katrin Heeskens, Bethlehem Mission Immensee
Nathalie López, RIOS Ecuador
Michael Hobbins, SolidarMed
Muzahid Ali, Enfants du Monde
Oumu Dolo, IAMANEH

Place: Basel, Hotel Hilton

Time: 9.00 - 16.45

Agenda: Programme of this year's Symposium

Contact: Martin Leschhorn Strebel,


The Swiss Health Cooperation Symposium

Discussing international cooperation and development policy. The Swiss Health Cooperation Symposium targets a broad spectrum of participants active at the national or international level and is organized by Medicus Mundi Switzerland, Network Health for All, which comprises 45 Swiss agencies operating in the field of international health cooperation. The symposium is part of a long-term cooperation agreement with the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation SDC, which helps fund the event and provides support with the programming.


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Bethlehem Mission Immensee

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medico international switzerland

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Sexuelle Gesundheit Schweiz


Swiss Development Cooperation, SDC

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