MMS Bulletin: No ‘business as usual’ against non-communicable diseases

MMS Bulletin #145: Swiss online journal for international cooperation and health

MMS Bulletin: No ‘business as usual’ against non-communicable diseases Medicus Mundi Switzerland A diabetes epidemic in Mexico, cardiovascular diseases in Tanzania – non-communicable diseases have long since arrived in low-income countries and are posing huge challenges for healthcare services there. Politicians have for a long time underestimated the problem and, in doing so, have opened the door for the proliferation of the global food and tobacco industries. Their health-endangering products are significant causes for the spread of non-communicable diseases in developing countries and emerging economies. What options do politicians have left to counter such developments? Which role do civil society organisations play and what responsibility does Switzerland bear in the battle against chronic diseases? In the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on non-communicable diseases, the international community is being challenged to finally put the necessary political measures in place. In its 2017 Symposium the Medicus Mundi Switzerland network intensively discussed the challenges and responsibilities and we are publishing some of the contributions and debates in our current MMS Bulletin. (Photo: © Vietnam Matthew Dakin/Novartis Foundation)