Implementation Research

Implementation Research

Implementation research (IR) is a new approach in the practice of international health cooperation. It is the scientific inquiry into questions concerning the implementation of health related policies, programs, or interventions. Using methods of different disciplines, IR tries to understand and address barriers to effective implementation. Implementation Research demand-driven and research questions are framed based on needs identified together with relevant stakeholders and implementers in the health system.It clearly goes beyond scientists to include policy-makers, the media and community members. In order to strengthen implementation research within the Swiss organizations of international health cooperation, MMS coordinates a thematic platform of its member organizations.

Apr 03, 2018

ISPM sets up a new Research Group on Migration and Health

Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM)

Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) Migration is a growing challenge and concern in our modern societies, especially if we consider public health related issues. In order to better coordinate ...

Mar 22, 2018

The data brings it to light

South African research project

The Conversation Death from hypertension in the rural areas of South Africa? Already years ago, South African researchers managed by using health monitoring systems to detect ...

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