Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Improving sexual and reproductive health and rights including HI/AIDS is key to improving the health situation of people in developing and emerging countries in the long term. Expanding sexual and reproductive health services and access to these services improves the health situation of women and expectant mothers, newborn babies and children. Bolstering sexual and reproductive health lays the foundation for social and economic development by societies. (Photo: DFID-UK Department for International Development/flickr)

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Oct 29, 2020


How insufficient funding for key populations jeopardises ending AIDS by 2030

Aidsfonds "In 2016, global community agreed to work together to end AIDS by 2030. United Nations Member States backed UNAIDS’ Fast-Track strategy to realise this vision. ...

Oct 22, 2020

When the price of water is sexual assault

Sex for Water Project

Devex "In a village in Kenya, women wait to fill their jerrycans. While 2 Kenyan shillings ($0.01) should be payment enough, oftentimes the men operating the ...

Nov 25, 2020 / 25.-30. November 2020, kult.kino atelier, Theaterstrasse 7, Basel

Filmfestival: 5 Jahre frauenstark!


IAMANEH Switzerland

IAMANEH Das Filmfestival frauenstark! findet vom 25. bis 30. November 2020 während der 16-Tage-Kampagne gegen Gewalt an Frauen im kult.kino Basel statt. Startschuss ...

Oct 05, 2020

New Findings Recommend Patients with a Low HIV Viral Load Switch to Second-line Antiretroviral Therapy

Swiss TPH HIV continues to be a major global health issue, having claimed almost 33 million lives. In a new study published today in PLOS Medicine, Swiss TPH researchers ...

Oct 02, 2020

Verhütungsmittel: Wer das Geld hat, hat die Wahl

MEDIENMITTEILUNG zum World Contraception Day vom 26. September 2020


SEXUELLE GESUNDHEIT Schweiz Verhütungsmittel sollen verfügbar sein – barrierefrei für alle. Diese Forderung steht im Zentrum eines Filmspots, den SEXUELLE GESUNDHEIT SCHWEIZ auf den ...

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