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Wo bleibt das Geld zur Bekämpfung von HIV unter der Schlüsselbevölkerung?

Brandneue Studie belegt Finanzierungslücken bei den sog. Key Populations

Aidsfonds Eine überfällige Studie von Aidsfonds deckt alarmierende Finanzierungslücken in der Bekämpfung von HIV unter den sog. Key Populations (Männer, die Sex mit ...


A peek into COVAX machine; The curious case of the prequalification of Remdesivir

By Priti Patnaik

Geneva Health Files "(...) Our story this week, takes a close look inside Gavi’s COVAX Facility - its governance structures and contracts with countries. Thorny issues of ...


When the price of water is sexual assault

Sex for Water Project

Devex "In a village in Kenya, women wait to fill their jerrycans. While 2 Kenyan shillings ($0.01) should be payment enough, oftentimes the men operating the ...

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