ESTHER Switzerland New Call for Proposals 2018: small Start-up funds

Deadline for submission: October 14th, 2018

ESTHER Switzerland is opening a new Call for proposals for Start-up funds. Those funds (of a max. of CHF 10’000) should promote the development of new institutional health ...


Les effets du changement climatique

Changement climatique et santé

PLOS COLLECTIONS Les changements climatiques, qui sautent aux yeux depuis un certain temps déjà, affectent de nombreux domaines de la vie et ont également un impact direct sur ...


Joint Statement Of Concern On Shrinking Civil Society Space And Increasing Private Sector Exclusivity At UN

Big Alcohol, Big Oil and Big Pharma hold meeting in the heart of the UN

IOGT International "Civil society groups express deep concern about presence of harmful industries at the United Nations and during the UN High-Level Political Forum on ...

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