06/05/2020 / MMS Conference - Hotel Kreuz, Bern

Realising Gender Equality - Cancelled due to Coronavirus!!

Official Announcement: Medicus Mundi Switzerland regrets to announce that our annual SRHR conference which was due to take place 6th May 2020 has to be cancelled due to the current outbreak of coronavirus.

MMS The year 2020 will mark several important milestones for gender equality and sustainable development, including the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration ...

12/05/2020 / Parterre Rialto, Basel Switzerland

From Manufacturer to Patient: Reshaping Healthcare Supply Chains

Spring Symposium 2020

Swiss TPH Strong and resilient supply chains ensure the provision of quality health products to patients, making them a central component of health systems. The ...

26/05/2020 / 1pm – 4.30pm; Kunsthaus Centre d'art Pasquart, Seevorstadt 71, 2502 Biel

Digital Health Forum

Share your Experiences with Digital Health Technology

MMS With the rapid dissemination of digital technologies in health, the work of Swiss organisations active in the field of international health cooperation is ...

08/06/2020 / Swiss TPH in Basel, Switzerland

Master of Business Administration in International Health Management

Modules 2020 - On going

Swiss TPH Strong managers and leaders are needed to ensure sustainable and equitable health systems that can respond to current and future health needs. The MBA in ...

02/07/2020 / 09.00 -17.30, Swiss TPH, Basel

Travel health for partners and families: What to consider before and during your stay abroad?

Swiss TPH The course provides an overview of health-related issues expatriates and their families may face during their stay abroad. The goal of the course is to equip ...

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