Mental Health - How to support staff affected by a trauma?

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The effect of traumas on the workforce in developing countries is far more serious than many people realize. A trauma can result from a war experience, natural disasters or from political tensions. Trauma impacts every aspect of a person’s effectiveness in the workplace. Traumatized workers are compromised in their ability to learn, think, manage change, and relate to others. They are more likely to have mental and physical health problems, including depression and substance abuse.

Mental Health - How to support staff affected by a trauma?

This has also been the project experience of several MMS Network members. MMS Network members asked to exchange experiences among other members on how staff affected by a trauma influence the organisation and the implementation of projects and programs. (Photo: Graves in the aftermath of Haiti earthquake/ © The Guardian)


  • To exchange about self-care for traumatised staff and how to overcome obstacles related project management and staff affected by traumas
  • To explore how psycho-social support trainings for staff and for beneficiaries can enhance project outcome
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