Dialogue Days 2019 - Global Health Challenges: What’s next?


Dialogue Days 2019 - Global Health Challenges: What’s next? University of Zurich, Department of Public Health We are delighted to announce that the Dialogue Days 2019 will take place in Zürich from September 9 – 11th. Tuesday, September 10th will be open to the public and will feature a special podium discussion on Migration. The Overall Theme of the conference is: Global Health Challenges: What’s next? Within this theme, we will focus on four thematic areas presenting challenges to global health in the future: - Non-Communicable Diseases, - Communicable Diseases in both animals and humans, - Climate Change, - Migration. We will have engaging key note speakers and workshops for each theme. More details about these sessions can be found on the Program tab. REGISTER NOW! https://www.ebpi.uzh.ch/en/aboutus/activities/dialogue_days_2019_mainpage/dialogue_days_2019_registration.html

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