Invitation: Swiss contribution to strengthening global health systems


Invitation: Swiss contribution to strengthening global health systems Swiss Malaria Group (SMG) The SMG is inviting academic institutions, public and corporate actors as well as multilateral organizations and civil societies to pool experiences gained from decades of work in the national and international health sector to identify concrete interventions that will contribute to reaching Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Covid-19 has shown the crucial role of strong health systems in fighting diseases and in providing uninterrupted routine services even during a pandemic. These findings apply universally to countries in all parts of the world, including Switzerland. Joint knowledge of all sectors and partners is essential for redefining how we prepare for future health crises by building more resilient health systems globally. Since 2007 the Swiss Malaria Group (SMG) unites academic, public and private actors engaged in the fight against malaria. Combining long-term experience and engagement in global health, the SMG and its member organizations can provide support and guidance towards strategies for more resilient health systems that will allow us to better manage current and future health problems. More information about the event will follow in due course.

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