The Future of Global Governance

Panel Discussion with Michael Barnet, Kal Raustiala Liliana Andanova and Joost Pauwelyn

The Future of Global Governance Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies The US has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement and President Trump is questioning the contribution of the US to the UN; the negotiating wing of the WTO is paralysed and the dispute settlement arm is stagnating. Yet to what extent does this apparent 'crisis' or 'questioning' of traditional multilateralism by international organisations create a space for new mechanisms of governance, from partnerships, to private regulators, NGOs and networks? Are we witnessing a transformation of global governance? What kinds of actors could fill the gaps in resources and leadership if we are witnessing a hegemonic withdrawal? In short, what might the future of global governance look like? For further enquiries about this event, please send an email to

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