The humanitarian #MeToo moment- where do we go from here?

Organised in partnership with IRIN News

The humanitarian #MeToo moment- where do we go from here? Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies There has been much discussion recently around sexual abuse in the humanitarian sector following the widely reported scandal at Oxfam UK in Haiti. But beyond the headlines, there is a recognition that no organisation is immune. This problem affects the whole humanitarian sector and its ability to operate, maintain public trust, funding and more. The Graduate Institute and IRIN News are co-hosting a frank and open discussion on what the #MeToo moment means for the humanitarian sector. Bringing together whistle-blower, investigator, NGO and donor perspectives, this discussion aims to shift the debate towards a more nuanced and constructive examination of the issue. You’ll also hear directly from Oxfam, the organization whose internal investigation sparked the media firestorm.

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