What works? Social and Behavioral Approaches to Boost Children's Well-Being

IV Annual Conference

What works? Social and Behavioral Approaches to Boost Children's Well-BeingCenter for Child Well-being and Development (CCWD), University of Zurich Based on their research and development projects across the world, experts from different fields will present new insights into behavioral and social change, focusing on community engagement and empowerment to improve child development. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline an ambitious agenda for the global development community over the next decade. Achievement of these goals are critical to improving the lives of millions of communities, families and children across the world, particularly among marginalized population groups. The Center for Child Well-being and Development (CCWD) and UNICEF are working together to advance in the Sustainable Development Goals by undertaking high quality research and generating rigorous evidence on effective social and behavioral change. We are also working in the implementation of community-based strategies and interventions to support national and local governments. The annual conference 2019 aims to contribute to these efforts. Featured keynote speaker Dr. Nava Ashraf, Professor of the Department of Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Research Director of the Marshall Institute.


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