Covid-19 and sub-Saharan Africa’s critical care infrastructure

The ICU capacity that is critical to managing covid-19 complications is severely limited in much of the region, warn Edgar Asiimwe and Saraswati Kache

Covid-19 and sub-Saharan Africa’s critical care infrastructure British Medical Journal (bmj) "The covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly challenged our previously held assumptions about global disease epidemiology. Classic public health teaching promulgates the theory of a prevailing epidemiologic transition—one in which the burden of disease morphs from predominantly infectious causes to non-communicable causes as countries industrialize. That theory has now been turned on its head as public health campaigns in industrialized countries promote basic hygiene, while restrictive lockdowns upend regular life. For many, these developments feel like regression to a hitherto forgotten era, with industrialized nations now living the contemporary experience of many in developing countries." (Photo: 217 Cuban Health Specialists arriving in South Africa to curb the spread of COVID-19/GovernmentZA/flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0)