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Health promotion 4.0

Health Promotion International "Throughout the world there is the recognition that we are at a turning point of development—The World Economic Forum has used the terms Globalization 4.0 and ...


Rwanda : 25 ans après le génocide, « les traumatismes sont toujours palpables »

Ruanda | Handicap International

Handicap International Ab Sonntag, 7. April, gedenkt Ruanda der über 800.000 Opfer des Völkermords. Selbst 25 Jahre nach den Taten lastet dieser Genozid immer noch schwer auf der ...


When ethics and politics collide in donor-funded global health research

The Lancet "In this Viewpoint, we share our experience of censorship in evaluation research for global health. Our experience shows a broader trend of donors and ...

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